The nieuw ,Louis Vuitton.(bags collection)(starring Angelina jolie)

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Louis Vuitton sure knows how to get the right person to be its face. Earlier, luxury-icons and celebrities like Bono, Sean Connery, Keith Richards and Catherine Deneuve have been the Louis Vuitton’s faces, and this time around, it is Angelina Jolie who would be the face of their latest campaign titled
‘Core Values’.

Pop Tab Bracelet (DIY project)

Feeling crafty? You can get that designer look yourself with a little elbow grease, inspiration and creativity. Here are som great tips for your DIY project.
It ia easy to start with making your own juwelrys. Use what you already have to make jewelry that always carries a funky look. Once you start making these easy bracelets and earrings, it's hard to stop. Try the following beginner projects to get you started on your own junk drawer jewelry
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This is why "BONO" always looks fly !!

This is one of the worst summers ever, but I still want to sheer some sunglasses with you.
These glasses are not the cheaper ones, but they look fly .So if you’re looking for some nice glasses for the summer here are some from, Burberry, D&G, Converse, Bvlgari and Gucci.

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